Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday - Random 2

Linking up with The Vintage Apple for my 15th straight week of Pinterest Wednesday!

  This might be the best vow ever.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

You truly never know the impact you might have on someone.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Layer a frame on a painted board
Source: via Spencer on Pinterest

 Take this after your last friend gets married 
(if everyone can still fit in their dress)

burlap and a sharpie  - use festive words for holidays

 Burlap frames you can change out the pictures

peanut butter and chocolate for a football season dip

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap - boots

My Week in Recap:
A co-worker of mine got his MBA and one of our managers threw a dinner party at his house. I could write an entire post on the d├ęcor in his house alone, but instead I’ll just post a picture of one of my favorite rooms in the house.

Remainder of the Weekend: Lunch with Morgan, the driving range at Ross Bridge, New Year’s Eve (the movie), and dinner at Wings to celebrate the start of Restaurant Week in Birmingham. Restaurant Week in Birmingham is a ten-day event featuring some of the city's top locally owned and operated restaurants. 

Picture from Ross Bridge in Hoover

What I am most excited about: The new boots I ordered!! Yes, I know it is August and that I live in Alabama. As soon as I saw these boots, I couldn’t resist. Besides time flies and it will be Fall soon (I can justify almost any clothing related purchase).

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday - Random

Linking up with The Vintage Apple for my 14th straight week of Pinterest Wednesday! This week I am going THEME-LESS!

CREATIVE IDEA: Throughout the year, write down memories that make you smile. On New Year's Eve, open it up and reread all of the good stuff that made the year wonderful!
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Glue corks on a yardstick for a different take on a "cork board." Hang vertically or horizontally in the kitchen. I have the perfect narrow spot for this.

Kitchen with opening to outside bar area

A modern wedding cake with sugar flowers that is almost too pretty to eat.

huge, do-it-yourself canvas

Paula Deen's Banana Pudding - I haven't made this yet, but the person that pinned it referred to it as "heaven in your mouth"

Hands down - Ian Kinsler is my FAVORITE BASEBALL PLAYER!!

Happy Freaking Wednesday!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap - Cookie Dough

Who doesn’t love cookie dough?

I saw the Pin above one night last week. The pin is linked to a recipe for Cookie Dough Bites with only five ingredients and no eggs. Finally it's safe to eat cookie dough!! Two days after finding the recipe I was still thinking about the Cookie Dough Bites and knew I had to make them. I added in some white chocolate chips. I didn't drizzle chocolate on mine this time but if I make them to take somewhere I will (just to dress them up).

My attempt:

Friday night a group of us went to Dreamland for Hart's Going Away Dinner and then headed to Good People Brewery. We will be sad to see Hart leave for Los Angelos, but can't wait to visit him!

 a little vintage decor at the brewery

ping pong at the brewery

Saturday was dress shopping with my roomie and Sunday was church with friends and the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics. I think I cried  (happy tears) at least four times during the last two weeks watching the Olympics. The gymnastics competition gets me every time.

I hope you had a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

PINTEREST Reception Food

Linking up with The Vintage Apple for the 13th straight week!

This week's theme = Wedding Reception Food

Chad and I both love breakfast food and I would love for our entire reception to be breakfast food only. I realize not everyone loves breakfast food as much as we do, so we will probably just have a breakfast food station instead of serving only breakfast foods. 

I think these mini waffles and yogurt parfaits would be perfect.

Who doesn't love a cinnamon roll?

Being from Alabama, this Grits Bar is a must.

French Toast Kabobs

More unique finger food ideas - check out the milk and cookies

Straws for vintage glass coke bottles.

Last week's theme:
Reception Venue and Decor

Next week's theme:
Random Pins 
I'm taking a wedding break. 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Recap - Sips

"Celebrate we will. Because life is short 
but sweet for certain." - DMB

What an exciting, family and friend packed weekend we had! Some of Chad's family came in town and around twenty people met at Chad's mom's to help us continue celebrating our engagement! His mom made us a cake with our favorite candy. Reese's and Tootsie Roll pops are my favorites and the Skittles, Pixie Stix, and Gummy Watermelons are Chad's favorites. Mrs. Lisa did such a good job on the cake!! 

Leah made us a chocolate-iced yellow cake. We are definitely dessert people. Clearly, I need to learn how to cook and decorate cakes to fit in with Chad's creative family.

Chad's mom had the kitchen and den decorated with our pictures and she even had a bowl of chocolates with our pictures. 
Top Half: one of each of the chocolates with our pictures on them that Chad's mom made 
Bottom Half: Chad and I practicing our cake cutting skills.
Top Half: Leah (my future sister-in-law), Me, and Mrs. Lisa (my future mother-in-law)
Bottom Half: My Mom and Me
My parents came up and stayed with me Friday night and we woke up and did some shopping Saturday before they headed back to Troy.

Crystal came to visit us for a GIRLS' NIGHT on Saturday!!!! 
Allise and I both LOVE IT when Crystal comes to visit!! We went to Sips N Strokes and painted guitars. 

At Sips N Strokes, you bring your beverage of choice and paint!! They provide the canvas, paint, brushes and all other supplies you need. At the end of the night, you take your painting with you. I have painted some disasters at Sips N Strokes in the past, but I think our guitars turned out pretty well!

Few things in life are better than getting to spend a weekend with both FRIENDS and FAMILY!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday - Reception Venue and Decor


I am linking up with The Vintage Apple for my 12th Straight Week of:

This week's theme:
Wedding Reception Venue and Decor

I absolutely LOVE this venue.
How perfect would this barn be for a wedding reception in the Spring before it is 10,000 degrees outside?

Burlap Runner with new Monogram


Centerpiece Idea #1
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Centerpiece Idea #2

Barrels used as tables

and you can never have too many white lights


Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

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Next week's theme:
Wedding Reception Food