Friday, September 7, 2012

Hello New York

I might be going for work, but I am very pleased to say that in only four short days I will be going to New York for the very first time!! I have been waiting 27 years for this! I do not think it is a coincidence that my first time in New York, will also be while Fashion Week is going on! I started a countdown for us at work and the closer it gets, the more excited I become.

We will not be in New York very long (only three days). We are flying up super early on Tuesday (9/11) and have that entire day to do whatever we want. We will be working all day Wednesday and Thursday so will only get to see the city at night. Luckily we are staying in Times Square and I can’t wait to see Times Square both at night and in the morning! 

Since it will be 9/11, here are some things I hope to do on our free day: attend a 9/11 Memorial Service, see Chinatown, Little Italy, Radio City, the Statue of Liberty, and run in Central Park. I’d love to see a Broadway Show, the Empire State Building and Yankees Stadium, but those options may have to happen on another trip (preferably a trip at Christmas so I can also see the tree and the Rockettes).

I’ve received several recommendations for food places including:
Burger Joint - supposedly the best burgers ever in the LE PARKER MERIDIEN Hotel on 57th Street
The Boat Basin - tables outside and dinner right on the Hudson
 The Stanton Social
Tavern on the Greens in Central Park
230 Fifth
– I do love a Roof Top Bar/Restaurant
Tao – where Carrie and Big’s Engagement Party was on Sex and the City, adjacently located to Four Seasons hotel and frequented by celebrities
Sardi’s – red leather booths and caricatures of celebrities that have eaten there

My top vote goes to Tao! 
I do not know where we will end up eating or what we will do in our free time, but I do know that I AM BEYOND EXCITED!!

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