Friday, September 21, 2012


I love New York! 
We flew into New York on Tuesday, September 11th. After leaving the airport we checked in and threw our stuff in our rooms before heading back out to see New York! Our first stop was the LOVE word in New York which was right outside of The Hilton (our hotel) on the Avenue of the Americas. Our hotel was in a great location for shopping and restaurants and only 5 blocks from Central Park! 
view from my room

We started the day by having a quick lunch at La Bonne Soupe which is a French-American Bistro Restaurant on 48 West 55th Street. I did learn that the phrase la bonne soupe has come to mean the good life, with health, wealth and happiness. I tried the omelet and would definitely recommend it. 
After lunch we made our way to Bryant Park. We could not have asked for better weather while we were in New York. The high temperatures were in the upper 70s and there was absolutely NO RAIN! Given the great weather, I wasn't surprised to see Bryant Park full of workers on their lunch breaks.
 From Bryant Park, we made our way to Times Square! I got to see the “real” naked cowboy, but I definitely passed on getting my picture made with him.

I got a picture of the Empire State Building while walking towards Grand Central Station. Many people told me places to go and things to do while visiting New York. Never once did someone say anything about Grand Central Station. I’m telling you now, if you go to New York – YOU HAVE TO GO SEE GRAND CENTRAL STATION and look up because even the ceiling is amazing!!

 As we approached the 9/11 site and the almost completed New World Trade Center Tower, everyone became quiet. Family members wore white ribbons along with a picture of their lost loved one. St. Paul’s Chapel - “The Little Church that Stood” had services and singing outside throughout the day, flags were flown at half mast, and artwork was on some of the sidewalks.  With it being 9/11, the actual Memorial was closed to family only. The impact of just being there and seeing the site (especially on 9/11) is one I will not forget. 

I couldn’t see New York without seeing the Statue of Liberty. We walked through Battery Park and then boarded the ferry for a quick trip to see Lady Liberty. I was able to get some great pictures of the Statue of Liberty and of New York while on the ferry. I couldn’t believe how many people fit on one of the ferries! The line was very long but EVERYONE was able to get on the same ferry.
 Battery Park
 The Statue of Liberty from the ferry
 The Brooklyn Bridge and more views from the ferry.

 We walked briefly through Chinatown and Little Italy before heading to the hotel to change for dinner. Several people recommended restaurants and apparently lots of restaurants in New York have “the best cheesecake ever”. We went to the Junior’s on Broadway. This particular Junior’s location is known to be “a taste of Brooklyn in the heart of Manhattan”.  Junior’s cheesecake is referred to as, “The World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake”. If you go when the weather is nice, I highly recommend sitting outside on the patio. It was the perfect end to our VERY LONG DAY!

 DAY 2 – I woke up early on Day 2 and ran through Central Park. Even though I was beyond exhausted after all the walking we did on Day 1, I couldn’t imagine being in New York and not going running in Central Park. We left the hotel at 8 AM and took the Subway. I felt like a true New Yorker riding the Subway into lower Manhattan while wearing work clothing at 8 AM.  After work we headed back closer to the hotel for dinner. We made a brief stop at Nobu before choosing the Playwright Tavern just off Times Square. 

 The Playwright Tavern and Times Square

DAY 3 – Back to work via the Subway! I’m not sure if I looked like I belonged in New York or if it was my work clothes throwing people off, but I got asked for directions at least 5 times. I was absolutely NO HELP. After work we went to Rockefeller Plaza! I cannot even begin to imagine how amazing it must be when the ice skating rink is full and the Christmas tree is up!

There is a chance I have the BIGGEST SWEET TOOTH EVER. While working in Houston, I stopped at Dylan’s Candy Bar at least every other day. When I found out the Dylan’s in New York was 10 blocks away – I made everyone start walking! We made brief stops at The Apple Store and F A O Schwarz before making it to Dylan’s.  

 The Apple Store
 F A O Schwarz

 Dylan's Candy Bar

 One of my favorite parts of the New York Dylan's is the Famous Favorites Wall. The wall is full of celebrity filled candy jars. Each celebrity fills his or her jar with their favorite candy and autographs the jar. It was neat to see what candy each celebrity selected!
 One last quick stop at Tiffany's
We crammed so much into our three days in New York! I think I am still recovering, but who needs sleep when you are in NEW YORK! I am probably not someone you want to travel with because I DO NOT STOP TO REST.


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  2. I absolutely adore NYC. And you are right, no time for resting while visiting New York. I've never made it to Dylan's during my visits to New York. I'll put it on my to do list the next time I'm there.

    Tracy @ Sunny Days and Starry Nights

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