Saturday, August 22, 2015

31 WEEKS - Groundhog Day

Another week has been marked off of our calendar. Today we are 31 weeks! Chad has been marking through each day on his calendar. I was keeping up with all our appointments, but lately my planner has stayed in my hospital bag so I can keep track of the boys’ progress as soon as they get here. 

We had an exciting week 30. Mom brought up a gift from Mrs. Kervin in Troy. I opened it and realized she crocheted the boys each their own blanket. She also enclosed a note letting us know she prayed over the blankets for the boys while she was making them. What special and beautiful gifts!!

Mom and I loved our massages from Chad. We went to the spa a little early and relaxed before our massages started. I was wondering how a prenatal massage would work. You actually lay on your back (propped up of course). My neck and shoulders were very tight from all the stress and really needed the massage.  I’d highly recommend a prenatal massage to anyone in the 3rd trimester of their pregnancy and it’s a great gift to receive from your husband. 

After our massages, we came home and mom cooked chicken pot pie without the vegetables (my favorite food). We stayed up late and watched a movie. Sunday, Mrs. Lisa cooked for us at lunch and mom got to see her new house. 

Monday was another day at the high risk doctor. Doctor appointment days are starting to feel like Groundhog Day for Bill Murray. I’m fine living the same day over and over again as long as it ends with good results! We happily unpack the car after every appointment.

 Mom left after the doctor's appointment and lunch (Mexican, of course) and I definitely teared up a little when she left. 

Wednesday we went back to see Doctor Adcock (who will deliver the boys). We haven’t seen him since the end of Week 25 when we were expecting to deliver the following week. He was shocked to see we have made it this far. One of my favorite things about his group of doctors is they are very religious. The nurses and doctors in his group have prayer time on Monday mornings and they have been praying for our boys for weeks now. All of my bloodwork looked great and my blood pressure has started to rise but is still at a healthy range around 120/80. Doctor Adcock did mention that he thought he would take the boys between 32 and 34 weeks since Baby B is so small. He believes at that point, Baby B will be safer on the outside so he can grow more and not fight so hard. We go back to Doctor Adcock on Wednesday, September 2nd. If we have not already delivered due to blood flow, we will set a date then. Yesterday was back to our high risk doctor. He recommends taking the boys at 36 weeks as long as the boys are still holding on and my body is still hanging in there. We will let the doctors decide but if we make it through our next three doctor’s appointment then it looks like we will definitely have September babies!! My mom’s birthday is September 20th and my brother’s birthday was September 23rd so I hope we can make it that far! 

 This week we continue to pray for our boys and we also add prayers for the doctors to make the best decision possible on when to take the boys.

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