Saturday, August 1, 2015

28 Weeks


We made it to 28 WEEKS!

 We saw no changes in blood flow at our doctor’s appointment yesterday (Friday). That means we get another weekend at home! The boys’ heads are side by side and up close to my ribs. The staff at the high risk doctor’s office is becoming like family. All the girls we sign in with, the nurses and the scheduling people automatically recognize us and they are all so nice. I am thankful to live in Birmingham where wonderful help is not far away. 

On Wednesday, I had my glucose test. 

I am probably the only person in the world to have been excited about drinking the sugary orange drink. Two weeks ago, I thought that I would never even get to take the glucose test. If I’m ever pregnant again, I’ll drink the sugary drink again with a smile. I’ll think about all the women having to deliver early who never get to drink it but would love to if it meant they could keep their babies growing inside for a little while longer. I passed the glucose test and also got great reports on my weight, blood pressure, and blood work. The boys’ had good heart rates! Baby A’s kicks are getting more and more powerful! I’ve been worried about Baby B’s blood flow and now Baby A will probably be the one that knocks them both out with his powerful kicks. 

I excited I was able to use my 28 WEEK sticker!! Everyone told us 28 weeks is a huge milestone in pregnancies.Our next goal is 30 WEEKS so stay strong little guys!

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