Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wedding Season

Wedding Season Has Officially Begun!
I have spent the last two weekends watching couples say "I Do". 

Wedding Weekend #1
The first wedding was for John (Chad’s brother) and Leah. The Rehearsal Dinner was on Saturday night at the Alabama Theatre. The theatre sign read “Congratulations Leah & John”!

The wedding was on Sunday at 5:30 at the Botanical Gardens. Rain was in the forecast but other than one loud thunder sound at the beginning of the ceremony, the weather held off until right after the sparkler send off as the bride and groom departed. The timing of the weather could not have been better! I’ve always heard it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day.

John’s Groom’s Cake was very creative and unique. He requested a Donut Tower and his mom molded the top donuts to read “I Do”. 

John and Leah make a beautiful couple and I can’t wait to spend more time with the Newlyweds!

The Rehearsal Dinner was May 5th (CINCO DE MAYO) and I happen to LOVE HOLIDAYS!! A couple of my friends were in town and after the Rehearsal Dinner, Chad and I met them at Pablo’s to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. After Pablo's we went to the Back Nine to dance and hang out.

From left to right: Keri, Morgan, Lacey, Erin, Sushannah, random band guy that jumped in the picture, me, and Mellie

 From left to right at Back Nine after Pablo's: Chad, Jeff, me, Shelby, Sushannah, Erin, Keri, Chris, Morgan, Lacey, Mellie, Mike, Collin
 with Lacey
with Chad

Wedding Weekend #2
I had never been to Winston Salem so not only did I get to go to an amazingly planned wedding and reception, I also got to see some of Winston Salem. Chad and I flew into Greensboro last Friday and after a short 20 minute drive in a rental car we headed to downtown Winston Salem for dinner. I am a fan of Trip Advisor anytime we are going on a trip. I’ve learned you can’t just look at the number of stars beside each location; you also have to see how many reviews are written. One person saying something good about a place means nothing. How are you supposed to know it isn’t just the owner? After I searched Winston Salem Restaurants, I found a place called Foothills Brewing. 

I guess I should mention that I love doing wine and beer tastings (I can’t wait until BrewFest the first weekend of June). After reading more about Foothills Brewery, I learned it is the only local brewery in Winston Salem. Decision made! Once we arrived at the restaurant, we learned we were seated right where the Director of Mad Men had just been sitting. Clearly, I’m easily amused.  We ordered food and a Beer Flight to sample 6 of the beers brewed at Foothills.

I also ordered a Carolina Strawberry. I highly recommend this beer if you enjoy a fruity/different tasting beer. It’s like Strawberry Wine, but beer…

After dinner and drinks we went to one of the groomsmen’s houses and Chad was able to see lots of his friends from Samford. It was nice to meet several of his college friends and see a few that I already knew. Saturday morning we woke up and drove to Wake Forest University to run through campus. The university was already out for Summer Break and the campus was relatively empty. We followed another couple down a trail and ended up in Reynolda Village. Then on our way to see the Reynolda House and Gardens we found another trail and got to do some trail running. We ended up doing a little more trail running than we wanted. We thought the trail would come back out instead of just dead ending, this isn’t the first time we have been wrong. After finally making it back to the car, we headed back to 4th Street which was downtown and our favorite street in Winston Salem. After checking back in with Trip Advisor we decided on Hutch and Harris. Chad went with a lunch special of breakfast food (toast, potatoes, eggs, sausage, and grits) and I had the salmon pita with sweet potato fries **if you are ever in Winston Salem, this is a MUST!! We sat outside and had a mimosa. The weather was perfect.

Wedding Time = 5:00

before the wedding with Chad and then with Amy

The wedding was beautiful and the groom’s dad performed the ceremony. The bride and groom are both from Winston Salem and now live in Houston. After the ceremony, we headed to the reception and were greeted with teas, a sushi bar, Mexican tapas, and glass bottled cokes with striped straws.

Everyone socialized while anticipating the arrival of the newlyweds and then it was time to head outside for dinner under the tents. With approximately 600 people in attendance, you can only imagine the size of the tent.

The ‘His’ and ‘Her’ Menus read:
His – Mushroom Ravioli with Marinara and French Bread, Fish and Chips in a Cone with Ketchup, Hot Sauce, and Tarter and Vinegar
Her – Mini Chicken Pot Pies, Roasted Vegetables, Beef Tenderloin Medallions

Every layer of her cake was a different flavor – Oreo, Strawberry, Coconut, Vanilla, Chocolate, and it was all iced in buttercream. Like John, Christian also opted for a “cakeless” Groom’s cake. Christian’s “Groom’s Cake” was a milkshake bar (chocolate, vanilla, and/or Oreo).

The band/mini-orchestra was very entertaining and we had a great time dancing.

After the sparkler send-off we headed back downtown to Finnigan’s which is an Irish Pub. 

Below is a picture of a few of the girls at Finnigan’s.

Our flight Sunday was not until 2 which gave us enough time to stop by Old Salem and Salem College before heading back to the airport.

I enjoyed two back to back wedding weekends, but I did miss seeing my mom over Mother’s Day and I am super excited about mom, dad, and Millie coming to Birmingham tomorrow! I'm truly blessed to have such a fun and loving family. Here we are on Christmas Day!

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