Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Bachelorette Weekend - St. Patty's Day

Bachelorette Weekend
St. Patty’s Day is one of my favorite holidays! My roommate/Maid of Honor decided that would be a good time to have my Bachelorette Party! We started with a Luncheon Bridal Shower at Rogue Tavern and then all headed to the brand new Marriot. 
All the girls changed into pink pajamas and threw a Surprise Lingerie Shower for me. Crystal and Allise ordered me a hot pink, polka dot BRIDE button up nightgown with my new ‘G’ initial to wear. The decorations were too cute and I loved the surprise!
That night we all got dressed. Everyone had a green tie dye shirt to wear however they wanted that night. Leah helped cut mine into a scarf. We ate at Todd’s English Pub. Dinner was delicious and our table received two complimentary appetizers that the chef was trying out and we all received a glass of champagne, my favorite celebration drink.
After dinner we all took the party bus to a few local bars. I had so much fun with everyone and we ended the night dancing. I feel so lucky to have shared this weekend with so many of my close friends! They almost all had to travel and the girls came in from all over (even Baton Rouge, Atlanta, Nashville)!
We woke up Sunday for a brunch at Silvertron before everyone headed home. 
 A few of us continued celebrating St. Patty’s Day at Black Market Bar where they had green beer and green mimosas. We tried some maple syrup sausage balls and Chad joined us when he returned from his Bachelor Weekend at Chris’s Cabin.
I love my friends and had an amazing Bachelorette Weekend!

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