Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Wedding Week

Wedding Week
The week before the wedding, Chad and I both worked every day except Friday. We got all of his stuff moved into the apartment so we would not have to do that after the honeymoon. It was not fun, but we knew it would be so nice to return to Birmingham completely moved! 

I left work a little early Thursday to get my nails painted, eyebrows waxed, and begin packing. I packed for the wedding in Troy and for the honeymoon. At this point, I still wasn’t sure where we would be going for the honeymoon but Chad did tell me to pack for lows in the 70s and highs in the 80s. Some people would be nervous letting their fiancĂ© surprise them with the honeymoon destination, but Chad loves traveling as much as I do so I wasn’t nervous at all. I just thought of it as one less wedding decision I would have to make. 

I thought I would be a little nervous the week of the wedding, but I never got cold feet. We left for Troy on Friday and stopped in Montgomery for my makeup lady to do a trial run on my makeup. She did an amazing job! We got to Troy around lunch and took a car load of stuff (monogram, old window seal, monogram cups, sparklers, wedding advice box, etc) to the Country Club for the wedding reception. After that we stopped by the university to see Chad’s mom. She was there with a few friends setting up for the rehearsal dinner. 

We headed back home to get dressed for the rehearsal at the church. Here I am with my dad, mom and Millie before the rehearsal.

Mrs. Betty Wagoner and the preacher led the rehearsal at the church. When Mrs. Wag talks, everyone listens. 

At the rehearsal with my BEAUTIFUL BRIDESMAIDS.

I saved tons of bows from some of my showers and my roommate / Maid of Honor (Allise) used them to make my bouquet for the rehearsal. I thought it turned our adorable!

After the rehearsal, we went to the new dining hall at the university. Mrs. Lisa rented out a dining room for the rehearsal dinner. Everyone had already RSVPed to the dinner selecting beef tenderloin or sea bass. Chad and I each picked our favorite desserts and those were the two desserts served. Chad selected banana pudding and I chose caramel cake. His mom had someone prepare a slide show and we each had 30 pictures from our childhood and 30 pictures together. Our slideshow songs were: Mumford and Sons – I Wait, Phillip Phillips – Home, and Brad Paisley – Then. 

The first picture from my childhood on the slideshow.

After the slideshow some of our friends and family gave a toast to us. The toasts were all so personal and meaningful. The rehearsal went great and the decorations were perfect. I loved the 'G' monograms on the doors.
When the dinner was over, the wedding party went to the Half Shell. I went home a little early to get plenty of sleep before waking up for the big day!

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