Monday, July 27, 2015

STILL COOKING - 27 Weeks, 2 Days

We have now made it to 27 weeks, 2 days and we are still STILL COOKING these little guys! I spent most of the weekend laying around and if you know me, then you know it wasn’t easy to do. I'll do whatever it takes to help keep these little guys in as long as possible. I’ve started watching Downton Abbey on Amazon Prime and that helps to keep me still. We did go to John and Leah’s Saturday night. Chad’s cousin Michelle came in town and they grilled for us and then we had homemade peach ice-cream.  Being around everyone helped take my mind off of things for a little while. 

We went back to the doctor today and Baby B’s blood flow is the same as it was last week which means at least four more days of baby kicks in my belly! It’s such a relief when the doctor comes in and says he will see us on Friday! 

Baby B (‘B Man’) was so active all morning. I was worried he would wear himself out and not have any energy left to have good blood flow. I was wrong. He was just as active at the doctor’s office. We got a good profile shot of Baby B. His hand is on his head. 

Then he also decided to be part of Baby A’s profile picture. The little leg on top belongs to Baby B. 

 Chad and I are now really fast at getting ready for our appointments: I set my out of office reply to say I’ll be gone until October, head home, load the bags into Chad’s car (or watch Chad load our bags), and take what always could be our last belly picture. Here is today’s picture at 27 weeks and 2 days:

 We are still receiving encouraging words and prayers from all over. The picture at the top of today’s post is one of my favorites from this week. I read it each time my mind starts to worry with all the things that could go wrong delivering this early. Just praying this one sentence prayer helps to put my mind at ease, “Lord, when all my doubts and insecurities come crashing in, help me replace my thoughts with Yours.” 

On Wednesday we go back to my regular doctor for my glucose test and to have the boys measured. I’m not excited about the measurements. I know my little B Man is extremely small. I have loaded up on protein these last 2 weeks and I pray that he has grown!

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