Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap via Photo Dump

Time for my first Phone Photo Monday! 

Eleven photos of where I’ve been the last week and a half:

1) Finally tried Steel City Pops - I went with Banana and Chad chose Strawberry Cream, but if you are feeling brave feel free to pick Chocolate Chile or Pineapple Jalapeno

2) Picking a dress for a summer wedding at Banana Republic and the winner = the middle dress 

3) On our way to Little Donkey to try the new Mexican restaurant in Homewood and so excited about my new necklace from Glow

4) Karaoke at Starz with friends

5) Vera Bradley now makes iPhone cases. Here is my new case!

6) Mrs. Lisa (Chad's mom) and Floyd's Rehearsal Dinner Friday Night

7) Pre-Wedding Day Cake

8) Shreveport – Casino Time

9) Before the wedding:
Chad with John and their grandad  / Chad and I with his ADORABLE Grandparents

 10) Bringing home fresh canned products from Chad’s grandmom – salsa, pickles, and muscadine jelly
11) NEW! Skittles Riddles – the colors do not match the flavors and it really throws your mind

Happy Fourth of July Week!


  1. Love your dresses! I didn't realize Vera Bradley made iPhone cases?!? I might have to get one now.

    1. Thank you!! I think Vera Bradley just started making cases, but they are super cute and they actually work! I've already accidentally tested mine out on the concrete. :)

  2. great choice of dress to wear to the wedding! it looks great on you. and now i wish i had a steelpops near me

  3. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! VB has iPhone cases??? I must have one of those stat!!