Sunday, July 19, 2015

24 Week Ultrasound

We met my parents in Prattville for lunch at Jim N' Nicks for Father's Day and then went to see a movie. We were able to show mom and dad the DVD ultrasound of the boys.

 At 24 weeks pregnant we took an Infant CPR Class through Brookwood. On our way home, we had to drive past Krispy Kreme. The HOT NOW Sign was bright red so we had to stop! Some pregnant women crave ice cream, but my craving is for doughnuts (the blueberry cake are my favorite).

 That Thursday we headed to the doctor for our 24 week ultrasound. As soon as the ultrasound came up we could see heartbeats and the boys were really moving. Our boys have always been active and the nurses have a hard time getting their heart rates because they do not like to sit still. Everything was good on the ultrasounds until the nurse started measuring the boys. At that point we realized Baby B was over 2 weeks behind schedule. We kept asking questions and the doctor referred us back to our high risk doctor.

Baby B

Baby A was not cooperating with the camera but he did give us a thumbs up.

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