Saturday, July 18, 2015

What to Expect

It's been a busy 2015. After being sick all Valentine’s Weekend I went to the doctor and we found out we were pregnant! I wrote my first note to my future child two days later:

“The nurse called on Monday at lunch with the most amazing news. I wish our phone call was recorded. I am pretty sure that I screamed and told the nurse she was my new favorite person. The first thing I wanted to do when I found out was go buy a tiny pair of shoes. I called Chad but decided to wait and tell him when he got home so I could tell him in person. Holding in that secret made Monday the longest afternoon ever. Both my mom and Chad’s mom were thrilled with the news and my dad wanted us to start referring to you as Scout until we know if you are a little boy or a little girl. I keep calling you Poppy. I read somewhere you are only the size of a poppy seed. You have so many people praying for you already. Hold on for another 8 months little Poppy. You are truly our little miracle.”

I wrote a second note a week later:

“Today is exactly one week after our first positive test. Today is also the first time we got to see you. You are the tiniest little dot. I was so thrilled. This last week I have felt so great and energetic, I was terrified you were not there anymore. It turns out you are definitely there! I’ve noticed my appetite start to increase. We are still praying for you every day and can’t wait to meet you!”

Because some of our blood work numbers were high, the nurse asked us to come back in a week and we found out some really unexpected news. 

After getting the news I wrote my third note:

“We expected to see one little heart beat on our ultrasound yesterday and there were two. I’m going to be honest, it took us a second to adjust but now we are just thrilled! I read up on twins all last night. You will be here even earlier that we expected. Twins are carried for 36 or 37 weeks instead of 40 weeks like singles. I also learned twins like to share a crib at first because they are used to being right beside one another and hearing their twin’s heartbeat. I just think that is the sweetest thing. There are so few people in the world with a twin. How special that you two will grow up together and share something very few get to share. I just hope I can provide all the nourishment you two need and that you stay put for 30 more weeks! By the way, you really like pizza.”

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